In English

Helo, dear student in !

Bø Frivilligsentral (BøF) welcomes you to and to us. BøF is a local anchored meeting place that offers various services and events to the public. What we can offer depends on our volunteers. Our mother organization is the Norwegian Red Cross. We welcome you as a volunteer!

What canYOU do?

- Help elderly with practial tasks such as snow clearing

-Take older person on a bicycletrip.

- Join us in arrangements and more.

Drop in for an informal chat.
Bø Røde Kors er eier av Bø Frivilligsentral og daglig leder ansatt i Norges Røde Kors

Velg Bø Røde Kors når du tipper. 50% går til BøF. 993 624 128